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Benefits Of Counselling and Therapy

There are many benefits to having professional counselling and therapy. Most people find that it helps them to get back into their life. They feel better about themselves and their ability to manage their day to day activities. Clients say that counselling and therapy assists them in managing depression, stress and anxiety. Many people discover that they feel more positive while at the same time being able to see things differently, think more clearly and make better decisions in their lives. Many clients also request to learn new coping skills and strategies to help build on their resilience and problem solving skills. 

A major benefit from engaging in counselling and therapy is that often relationships become stress-free and harmonious; people find that they are better equipped to handle issues and life challenges that they may have struggled with in the past.


Our aim is to provide unique, empathetic and private services tailored to your needs which are provided in a culturally safe environment incorporating holistic interventions. ​

Approach ​

We use a non-judgmental 'client' and 'family' centred approach based on empathy, respect and acceptance. We recognise that each client has a unique narrative; treatment differs from person to person and is tailored based on their needs.  

Almost 1 in every 3 people experience some form of a mental health episode and challenge at some stage during their life. Counselling and therapy can make a difference to those who are experiencing such challenges by helping reduce symptoms associated with addiction, adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, loss and grief. Mindfulness, combined with mental health education and information (Psycho-education) and counselling sessions enhance the aim of the session to help clients and their loved ones understand their unique issues, concerns and problems. Where appropriate our skilled and or bilingual clinicians utilise culturally appropriate and respectful interventions.  


Our accredited clinicians are committed to provide specific Focused Psychological Strategies for improving personal Wellness and Healing. 

Special arrangements can be made to see people in their homes who are aged, frail or unable to travel due to illness.

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